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Coming soon…

ATD continues to grow: In the coming year 2020, another ATD-Service crash test dummy laboratory will start operating in Ingolstadt. Centrally located in Bavaria, we will offer services related to crash test dummies also at the new site. Our Southern German and European customers in particular will benefit from shorter transport routes and therefore faster throughput times for dummy certification. Of course, the complete handling of the sensor calibration (by our calibration service provider) and the subsequent certification of the re-assembled crash test dummy in the ATD-Service test laboratory is also available at the Ingolstadt location.

A complete set of ATD-LabTech test systems will go into operation at the new site: PDC Test System, Impact Test System and Flex Test System. This means that the accustomed wide range of crash test dummy tests is also offered here. In addition, the new permanent establishment in Ingolstadt will be accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 - just like the already accredited ATD-Service laboratory in Niedernberg (Accreditation Certificate D-PL-20848-01-00, Annex - ATD-Service, Location Niedernberg).

The company AIS Advanced International Sensors GmbH is an established and ISO 9001 accredited Ingolstadt-based sensor manufacturer and strives for laboratory accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. AIS is expanding, and a move to larger premises is necessary: an opportunity for a partnership between two internationally active companies from the automotive sector with overlapping customer groups. In cooperation, the sensor developer AIS and ATD-Service will therefore share the new location at Schoberstr. 3 in Ingolstadt. In addition to the shared infrastructure, each company has enough space to grow individually. In the future, logistics tasks will be handled jointly and both companies will benefit from further synergies.

ATD-LabTech Test Systems - Layout Location Ingolstadt
ATD-LabTech Test Systems - Layout Location Ingolstadt

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